Design & Submission Criteria


Designs Should Be:
  • desirable for living;
  • environmentally responsible, culturally sensitive and appropriate for the region;
  • feasible for cost effective construction;
  • responsive to the needs identified in the Shape the Cape survey; and
  • sufficient to thoroughly depict the finished product.

All design submissions will be reviewed by a panel of CCYP judges looking for the best balance of affordability, utility, adaptability, durability and suitability for the target demographic (young professionals, working families, year round residents). Submissions must meet the criteria below. There are three prize categories, based on quanitity of bedrooms. The first place winner of each category will receive a $5,000 prize. Submission to more than one category is encouraged.

Design Categories
  • 1BR Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU).** Limited to a maximum of 800 SF
  • 2BR dwelling. Approximately 1,100 SF
  • 3BR dwelling. Approximately 1,600 SF


Design Criteria
  • All submissions must represent a strong conceptual strategy resolved in a coherent, integrated design.
  • Homes must be designed to be built AFFORDABLY. The exerpt panel judging the projects will include projected construction costs in their criteria for best submissions.
  • Homes must be designed efficiently, the smaller the square footage the better.
  • Flexibility is key and encouraged- homes in the 2BR and 3BR categories where 1 bedroom can be converted to an accessory dwelling will be looked on favorably.
  • The maximum dimension of the footprint in any direction shall be 60'.
  • The maximum heigh from assumed grade shall be 30'.
  • All designs must meet single family residential building code requirements for construction in Massachusetts at the time submissions are due.


Submission Criteria
  • Submissions will be judged on appeal of design, feasibility of affordable construction and quality of presentation.
  • Architects, designers, and firms interested in participating are encouraged to complete an Interest Form in submission application. This is not a submission requirement!
  • Submissions are due in presentation ready format by September 15th, 2017 >>> Visit Submission Page
  • All material must be digitally submitted in 24" x 36" page format, PDF, print ready.
  • Submissions must include:
    • Floor plans, to scale, to show the interior spatial arrangement and program elements.
    • Elevations, to scale, demonstrating qualities such as materials, texture and color.
    • Minimum of 1 section drawing, to scale.
    • Three dimensional representations in the form of axonometrics, perspectives, montages and/or physical model photographs which illustrate the character of the project are encouraged.
  • Submissions must include sufficient information for judges to evaluate both design intention and cost of construction.
  • Winning designs will become "open source" for builders, developers and property owners to use going forward. Winning applicants must be prepared to submit a complete set of construction documents adequate for permitting and building in Cape Cod's towns.*

Submissions must include a proposal for the cost and time to create a complete set of construction documents. This is expected to be a one-time event commecing at the announcement of contest winners.

  • Architects or designers will be notified when and where their projects will be built.
  • Built homes may be used for architect or designers' portfolio and marketing.
  • Prize money and cost of construction document completion will be awarded 15 days from receipt of completed construction documents.


*Homes are assumed to be built in Exposure B areas, 110 MPH wind

**ADU = Avvessory Dwelling Unit. A legal and regulatory term for a secondary living quarters with its own kitchen, living area and separate entrance that shares the building lot of a larger, primary house. The ADU may be attached to an existing house or garage, or it may be built as a stand-along unit. Most common references include, guest cottage, mother-in-law suite, garage apartment or carriage house.