Frequently Asked Questions


Who is eligible to participate?

Anyone in the home design profession is qualified to submit a project for consideration. Selected projects must be developed, by the participant, into construction documents adequate for permit submittal.

What are construction document criteria?

Construction documents must be adequate for permit submittal in any of Cape Cod's towns and construction by a licensed contractor.

What about revisions to the work?

Special regulatory reviews (special districts, zoning board of appeals and conservation commission reviews) are not intended for standard submission. Should a winning project be selected for construction and require modification for regulatory requirements; such as: more stringent requirements for energy efficiency, higher wind exposure category, historic regulations, flood regulations or conservation regulations; the originator of the design will be contacted for a quote to provide such needed documentation and/or alter the submission to meet the area-specific need. The architect/designer must respond to the request for proposal of time and cost for said modifications. If costs for such alterations exceed $3,000 and two months the project owner may solicit competitive, alternative bids to complete the required alterations. Should such instance occur the originator of the design may have first right of refusal to complete the work within the time and cost provided by the alterante bidder.

Should the homeowners want to make custom modifications to the design they must do so with the original architect/designer. Modifications to the work cannot be made without the architect/designer's approval prior to commencement of such modification.

Who will be using these designs and what are the costs?

Potential homeowners, builders and real estate agents will have access to these designs for construction.

How will architects and designers know their design is being used?

You will be notified when a building permit is obtained for construction of a project. You may document and use the constructed project for your own marketing purposes with the written consent of the owner and builder.

Will architects/designers perform construction administration when a project is under construction?

No, architects/designers will not be responsible for construction administration. Homeowners have the opportunity to contract with the architect/designer for these services at their discretion.

How many submissions may one participant make?

Individuals and firms may submit as many designs as they would like.

What is submission criteria?

Submissions are due September 15th, 2017.

You may submit if you did not previously submit and Interest Form (due July 15th, 2017).

Designs must be print ready PDFs. 24" x 36" page format. All submissions must include to-scale plans, elevations and 1 section. 3D images and rendering are encouraged.

A fixed cost and time to create a complete construction set for the design submission, if chosen, must be included.

What happens to designs that are not selected?

No design will be further developed or constructed without notification to the entrant and permission to use work by the entrant.

How will work be judged?

All participants at the CCYP Back to Business Bash will be allowed to submit a vote for their first-choice design in each category. This "people's choice" vote will be included in the final judging matrix.

Final judging will occur during the month of October with awards given at the CCYP Annual Meeting, November 1st, 2017.

The panel of judges will consist of 5 volunteers representing the building community, design community and general public.

Designs should consider simplicity in framing and efficiency in material costs, durability, usability and aesthetic appeal.

Should designs include additional features?

Items such as decks, garages, walk out basements and landscape elements which are site specific should not be included in designs. Should such modifications be made with known locations the architect or designer will be contacted, per the steps outlined above, to participate in modifications tot he original design.

How will work be displayed?

Selected design submissions will be digitally displayed at the 2017 CCYP Back to Business Bash. Applicant logos, names and other information, as included by the applicant on submission material, will be visible to viewers at the Bash, and digitally online.