October 11, 2018 in Events, CCYP News

2018 Back to Business Bash Photo Recap

On September 20th, 900+ Cape Cod young professionals headed to the Barnstable Municipal Airport for the 12th Annual CCYP Back to Business Bash! It was a night full of food, drinks, and - of course - networking. Take a look below to relive the fun!

Ccypbash 033
900+ young professionals filled the halls of the Barnstable Municipal Airport.
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Ccypbash 022
Back by popular demand, CCYP's Wine Pull raised funds for the Career Connect Scholarship, a fund for the Cape Cod Foundation.
Ccypbash 049
Ccypbash 019
EforAll Cape Cod, one of our exhibitors this year, featured local entrepreneur Sarah from Cape Cod Nail Company.
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Our tent was full of excitement as attendees gathered together for food, drinks, and conversation!
Ccypbash 068
Chantal Joseph providing incredible entertainment inside the airport.
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Thank you to everyone who came and made the 12th Annual Bash a night to remember - we cannot wait until next year!