May 17, 2018 in Events, CCYP News

Big Ideas for Cape Cod: Recap and Photo Round-up!

Great communities start with great ideas - and the best communities work together to turn those ideas into action.

When neighbors come together to exchange ideas and connect over shared enthusiasm for their community's future, great things can happen. The Cape Cod community's creative energy was palpable on Tuesday, May 15, as CCYP hosted the first-ever "Big Ideas for Cape Cod," a community live pitch event designed to encourage creative ideas and discussion on the future of Cape Cod. Members of the public were invited to submit their "big idea" in advance - and then present it live at the event with a 2-minute pitch to an audience of peers, fellow Cape Codders, and community leaders. Idea pitches could be on any topic, and presenters were invited to make use of props, PowerPoint, or other resources to make the case for their idea. Cape Cod Community Media Center live streamed the event, providing an opportunity for viewers at home to follow along and participate remotely in the event. Big Ideas for Cape Cod was made possible thanks to our host, Cape Cod Beer, and sponsor, Kinlin Grover!

During the event, a total of 18 pitches were given in quick succession, and presenters were timed to keep their pitches to 2 minutes or less. Big ideas included a suggestion to alleviate Cape Cod's housing shortage by appointing a Cape-wide Housing Czar, a project that turns school-generated food waste into compost, and a myriad of others. Once all the pitches were complete, audience members were invited to vote live for their favorite pitch. Results were displayed in real time on the big screen at the event, and those watching from home could also participate in the live voting process. The top pitch with 19% of the vote was the Cape Cod Pet Collective, pitched by Lisa Guyon. Lisa received a $250 cash prize for her win! Congrats, Lisa - now go make your big idea a reality!

Check out pictures of the event below (photo credit: Photosasha), and video clips of each pitch courtesy of the Cape Cod Community Media Center. Thanks to all who pitched, attended, and participated from home to make this event a success!

The event started out as many CCYP events do - with some networking!
More than 100 people came out to hear the Big Idea pitches, packing the event space at Cape Cod Beer!
State Representative Timothy Whelan and State Senator Julian Cyr kicked off the proceedings with an audience welcome and introductory comments. "Don't be afraid to fail," advised Rep. Whelan to the crowd. "Behind every successful person is a long list of failures." Appropriate advice for those pitching their big ideas!
Peter Marancik - Cycling Cape Cod

Peter Marancik was the first to give his pitch. Peter proposed turning Cape Cod into a world-famous cycling destination.

Peter Marancik Cycling Cape Cod

Liz Argo - An Electrifying Idea: Creating a Sustainable Community

Liz Argo was the second to pitch and shared her big idea to create Massachusetts' first truly self-contained, sustainable community through microgrid technology and electric vehicles. Learn more about Liz's idea at

Liz Argo Sustainable Communities

Lisa Guyon - Cape Cod Pet Collective

Lisa Guyon has an idea - to start a program where young professionals can "pet share" with seniors in our community.

Lisa Guyon CC Pet Collective

Natalia Frois - Inclusion Services

Natalia Frois pitched her idea to legalize hard working immigrants on Cape Cod.

Natalia Frois Inclusion Services

Andrew Todoroff - Cape Cod Challenger Green Project

Andrew Todoroff pitched an expansion of Barnstable High School's successful composting pilot program to reduce food waste and create vocational training opportunities.

Andrew Todoroff CC Challenger Green Project

Meghan Campbell - Positive Relationships for Our Future Community Members

Meghan Campbell's big idea is to invest in the future of our community by mentoring a child.

Meghan Campbell Positive Relationships For Future Community Members

Samantha Peters - A Community Where People Feel They Belong

Samantha thinks we can work together as a community to foster a generation of Cape Cod kids who feel appreciated and valued, and give back to others.

Samantha Peters A Community Where People Feel They Belong

Dave Scandurra - Food Forest Initiative

Dave planned to pitch an intergenerational community but instead shared his big idea for a Cape-wide food tree planting initiative.

Dave Scandurra Food Forest Initiative

Meadow Hilley - Cape Cod Black Box

Meadow Hilley has an idea to share history through story and community conversation. She proposes to launch an educational campaign to tell the untold story of Cape Cod's role in the transatlantic slave trade. Learn more about Meadow's project, Cape Cod Black Box, at

Meadow Hilley Cape Cod Black Box

Brian Smith - A Holistic Approach to Community Problems

Brian Smith, originally planning to present his big idea for planetary restoration through algae-based wastewater treatment, shifted his presentation focus to emphasize the importance of holistic, community-based efforts like CCYP for solving our biggest issues. Learn more about his idea for sustainable wastewater treatment at and watch the video to hear more.

Brian Smith Aquagen Infastructure

Justine Coppenrath - Washashore Productions

Justine Coppenrath has an idea to launch a Cape Cod-based film production company that employs locals and sets scenes using Cape Cod locations. Check out the details of their big idea in the video and visit for more.

Justine Coppenrath Washashore Productions

Marc Goldberg - Preparing the Next Generation of Small Business Owners

Marc Goldberg pitched a certification program designed to give Small Business Management training for mid-career tradespeople, in partnership with Cape Cod Community College.

Marc Goldberg Preparing The Next Generation Of Small Business Owners

Robert Surrette - A Creative Solution to Cape Cod's Housing Shortage

Robert Surrette proposed that the Cape Cod Commission appoint a housing czar to coordinate housing efforts Cape-wide. Read more on Robert's blog at

Robert Surrett Creative Solution To Housing Shortage

Laura Brisbane - Ranked Choice Voting

Laura Brisbane says Cape Cod should change its voting system for elections to Ranked Choice Voting (RCV), where voters rank candidates in order of preference. Check out to read more.

Laura Brisbane Ranked Choice Voting

Amy Wyman - Good Grief Cape Cod

Amy Wyman wants to apply research on grief to launch a community education project for children and adults on the subject of death and tragedy.

Amy Wyman Good Grief Cape Cod

Madhavi Venkatesan - Sustainable Practices

Madhavi took the stage to share her idea for adopting an ecotourism model to balance the needs of Cape Cod as a home, a tourist destination, and a precious natural resource. Learn more about Madhavi's work at

Madhavi Venkatesan Sustainable Practices

Will Rubenstein + Dave Caolo - Reboot GameLab

Will Rubenstein and Dave Caolo pitched the Reboot Game Lab, a screen-free program of after-school activities, camps, and weekend classes that presents kids opportunities to play table-top games designed to target social, emotional and academic skills. Check out these slides for more details on their idea.

Will Rubenstein And Dave Caolo Reboot Game Lab

Bob Cody - Cape Cod Innovation Center

Bob Cody pitched his idea for a public-private partnership, the Cape Cod Innovation Center, to drive materials, engineering, and design of coast resilient housing that withstands the brunt of Mother Nature.

Bob Cody Cape Cod Innovation Center

A total of 86 mobile votes were cast live during the event - both in person and from audience members watching at home.
Group shot! Congratulations and big thanks to all who pitched their big ideas!