January 14, 2021 in

Cape Cod Healthcare Encourages Use of ER Care

A leading provider of healthcare services for residents and visitors of Cape Cod and member of Cape Cod Young Professionals (CCYP), Cape Cod Healthcare (CCHC) has made a variety of updates to their facilities and have taken necessary precautions to make sure their patients are safe. Cape Cod Hospital and Falmouth Hospital are providing patients with the proper Emergency Room (ER) care they need, and are continuing to encourage the community to not wait to begin seeking treatment.

Across the country, people wait too long before going to the ER for the care they need. CCHC understands that patients may be wary due to COVID-19, but while individuals wait, they‘re jeopardizing their health and requiring more intensive care, even hospitalization, for conditions that could have been treated more quickly and successfully earlier on. CCHC has taken the necessary precautions and lessons learned from their COVID-19 experiences to make sure patients, their families and team members are safe in their emergency rooms and hospitals.

With more than 450 physicians, 4,700 employees and 1,100 volunteers, Cape Cod Healthcare has two acute care hospitals, the Cape’s leading provider of homecare and hospice services (VNA), a skilled nursing and rehabilitation facility (JML Care Center), an assisted living facility (Heritage at Falmouth), the Cape’s only local laboratory service (CCHC Laboratory Services) and numerous health programs. They are the largest private employer on Cape Cod, offering a full range of jobs and careers including nursing, pharmacy, physical therapy, lab, imaging, information systems, finance, business office, administration, and more.

The team at CCHC strives to be compassionate, respectful and professional in the way they deliver care. They are relentless in pursuing the highest standard of quality through continuous improvement and emphasizing the power of teamwork. They aim to remain honest, ethical and open in all relationships, to use responsibly the community’s resources by working efficiently and cost effectively, and to serve all without regard to sex, race, creed, residence, national origin, sexual orientation or ability to pay.

CCHC triages every patient before entering the ER and isolates patients with COVID-19 symptoms in separate rooms to prevent cross-pollination between healthy and sick patients. The team wears full protective equipment, requires masks on anyone who enters the premises and restricts visitors. They understand how to properly clean rooms and disinfect all surfaces, leaving no stone unturned in implementing and reinforcing prevention and disinfection measures. Their mission is to coordinate and deliver the highest quality, accessible health services, which enhance the health of all Cape Cod residents and visitors. The Cape Cod community has continued to make great efforts to combat the pandemic and Cape Cod Healthcare will continue to maintain a safe environment for patients’ ER care while allowing them to be treated by board certified ER physicians and specially trained staff. ER wait times can be found online at