April 28, 2020 in CCYP in Falmouth

CCYP in Falmouth Resource: How to Help

How to help your local community

CCYP's recent initiative, dubbed "CCYP in Falmouth", seeks to stem the out-migration of young workers from Falmouth by providing increased opportunities for connection, community engagement, and career advancement. As part of this project, we're excited to have the opportunity to spotlight Falmouth-based resources that aim to support young professionals' personal and professional lives within the Town of Falmouth.

During the unprecedented time of a global pandemic, 'resource' takes on an entirely different meaning. While many in our community are facing the realities of job, food, or housing insecurity, many are looking for new ways to lend a hand, even at a time of social distancing. Below, we share a few of our go to ways of helping during the age of COVID-19 with links to specific Falmouth-based organizations or further information. If you have any ideas on how to help your friends and neighbors during this time, please feel free to share your thoughts at today.

Need help finding a resource? Email us at as well - we'll do everything we can to do to help.

Donate to a local food bank

Donations to many food banks across the country are down significantly, while community need has simultaneously increased. If you have extra food or are making a trip to the store for essentials, consider dropping off a donation of non-perishable goods to a local food bank - such as the Falmouth Service Center. Just be sure to call ahead and practice safe social distancing (staying at least 6ft from others) when you go!

Support small businesses

Restaurants, retail, and small business in general have been especially hard hit by state-mandated closures. Lots of businesses are adapting by developing modified menus and products for pickup or delivery - consider taking advantage of these opportunities to show your support and keep our small businesses afloat during this difficult period!

For example, many local restaurants are turning to social media to keep their customers updated. Look up your favorite local spot and see if they are serving take out. If not, consider purchasing a gift card to help support them currently with the promise of a delicious meal in your near future. Our friends at Love Live Local have compiled a list of businesses currently open. For restaurants alone, Falmouth has 19 open restaurants ready to accept your orders!

Share accurate information

There's a lot of misinformation circulating on social media and it's critical to have accurate information concerning the health and safety of our community. For COVID-19 related updates, we recommend starting at the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention or Office of Governor Charlie Baker and Lt. Governor Karyn Polito official landing page on When pertaining to the Town of Falmouth, we recommend starting at the Town's official website and list of resources. And be sure to check the legitimacy of any resource you share online!

Consider volunteering

If you're healthy and able, consider donating your time to assist a local organization currently accepting and utilizing volunteers. For example, Neighborhood Falmouth is currently looking for volunteers to help shop for food and supplies for the local elderly population. Reach out to an organization you care most about and, if they aren't currently using their volunteers, consider donating to help keep area nonprofits afloat during a very uncertain time for many organizations.

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