May 24, 2019 in CCYP in Falmouth

CCYP in Falmouth Resource Series: The Coalition for Children

Ccyp In Falmouth Resource Blog Series
Welcome to CCYP in Falmouth's Resource Series!

CCYP's recent initiative, dubbed "CCYP in Falmouth", seeks to stem the out-migration of young workers from Falmouth by providing increased opportunities for connection, community engagement, and career advancement.

As part of this project, we're excited to have the opportunity to spotlight Falmouth-based resources that aim to support young professionals personal and professional lives within the Town of Falmouth. Today, we're spotlighting, the Coalition for Children! Thank you to the Town of Falmouth and Falmouth EDIC for helping to make this series possible!

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Meet the Coalition for Children

The Coalition for Children is a grant-funded, education, and support project for families with infants, toddlers, or school-age children. Located in Falmouth, the Coalition offers play and learn groups, workshops, parenting classes, support groups, developmental screenings, community events, and resources to local childcare providers - everything and anything you need to create a healthy and happy young family in the Town of Falmouth!

What resources does the Coalition for Children offer?

The Coalition is a hub of community connection and resources for Falmouth-based young families. They offer play and learn groups, resource guides for families, and special events throughout the Town of Falmouth through partnerships with other community-oriented organizations. Take a look below at their available programs, materials, and upcoming events.

Groups + Programs


How does the Coalition's work affect young professionals in Falmouth?

Young professionals on Cape Cod, through our 2018 Needs Survey, identified access and affordability of childcare as a major concern for young families in our community. The Coalition for Children offers valuable resources to help bridge the gap between accessible childcare and programs and the larger community. Their work is often cited as a key source of information for Falmouth-based families.

How can young professionals in Falmouth become involved?

Attend a Coalition program or group, sign up for their newsletter to remain in the loop about upcoming events within the Falmouth community, or contact their team of specialists if you have a specific question concerning programming, childcare, or further resources.