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EforAll Entrepreneur Spotlight - Alison Leporati & Justine Coppenrath of WashAshore Productions

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Meet EforAll Entrepreneurs Alison Leporati & Justine Coppenrath of WashAshore Productions

Alison Leporati and Justine Coppenrath completed their EforAll Cape Cod Business Accelerator this past January and we're incredibly excited to highlight their new business venture, WashAshore Productions, a film production company based on Cape Cod.

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To kick us off, describe your business.

Hi! WashAshore Productions is a company that takes movies from concept to completion here on Cape Cod. The film industry has a proven track record of providing an economic boon to the communities and cities that support the industry, as well as imparting a cultural and creative significance. WashAshore is passionately committed to the creation of jobs locally to improve our economy, build an infrastructure to employ those interested in the entertainment industry and answer many of the challenges that a declining 25-45 year old year round demographic are facing. We are proud of the projects we have lined up for 2019 and 2020 and the inspiring network of film industry experts we have created on Cape Cod.

Many entrepreneurs kick start their ideas because they see a void within their community. What need do you feel your business is fulfilling in the Cape community?

Yes, this is so true. As year round residents on Cape Cod, we could definitively feel certain voids-- both personally and communally. In our larger community what echoes in that chamber of the void was the complex algorithm of seasonality, housing and skill set which led WashAshore to ground the company to the base of our mission statement. The creation of creative, sustainable and higher median wage jobs based in skill sets with trajectories for growth. This dynamic and industry is also important for the retention of the demographic that many counties on the Cape are losing. This was also a consistent and rhythmic pulse that played out in many of the multigenerational relationships we encountered. This is also why we have been able to generate the excitement, staff, crew and talent we have. People want this and on so many levels.

The ability to work in film and the entertainment industry offers so many avenues for employment and is built around our beautiful landscape. WashAshore harvests the skill and talent that already resides here, connects it our global resources and creates movies that will generate the next phase of expansion. The bigger picture is this medium and vehicle of storytelling has profoundly positive impacts. Locally, there is collaboration and connection in creation. Globally, we have the chance to entertain, inform, spark debates, learn and express. "Stories are a communal currency of humanity" (Tahir Shah, Arabian Nights).

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What is the most valuable thing you are taking away from the EforAll Business Accelerator?

The essence of the EforAll Buisness Accelerator and its consistent success is embedded in that sense of community, collaboration and celebration. A community rallies around and validates an idea. That idea or early stage business is lifted and refined through collaboration and then celebrated with support and milestones. The cohort aspect and bonds that are created our powerful as well. A journey shared are friendships made, surely.

At CCYP, one of our strategic priorities is to promote Cape Cod as a vibrant place for young people to live and work, year-round. What would you tell other entrepreneurs thinking about starting their businesses on Cape?

We were told, in our very early stages, to not be afraid to hold to our big vision. Our business, like most, is a large endeavor with a lot of moving parts and at any point we could have given up. Instead, we were met with such support and validation early on. The power of that YES! rooted us to really see what we were creating in the now and in the future, to really feel that we can do what we are setting out to do. That early affirmation brought a deep understanding of not only how viable is WashAshore Productions, but an excitement that is shared and expanded when we meet our growing talent and crew.

In any endeavor there are a lot of people who think they are doing you a favor by telling you what you are up against too early in the game. There is a time for that. It is necessary. However, when you are dreaming your dream and that muse of inspiration taps you on your shoulder, make sure you turn around and embrace it. Once you see it, once you feel it and once you embrace it you will find that piece of you that is expressing itself to the world at large. Then look to the wise council on how to refine, pivot or place it. But first, dream big.

And lastly, what are you working on now that the CCYP community should be on the lookout for?

We have an exciting event and we have exciting news. The exciting event! WashAshore Productions will be hosting, "The First Annual Big Lebowski Movie Party" at The Chatham Orpheum Theatre. Grab your robe! Costumes encouraged. We will have iconic scenes from the movie for fun photo ops, raffles, giveaways, costume costume and cash bar. Doors open at 6 pm. Movie screens at 8 pm. It will be a blast. Tix: $25 and VIP Tix: $50. Tickets available at It will be great to share a beloved cult classic in a historic cinema in celebration with community.

The exciting news! We have signed a talented director who specializes in VFX to shoot our trailer in April. He will be coming straight from his production of The Courier in London that stars Academy Award winner Gary Oldman and Olga Kurylenko. He will be mentoring our crew and enabling a high level of production value that we can use as our product to create our films and ensure quality and skill for other productions coming to Cape to film. We are actively in pre-production and will soon be casting. Stay Tuned!