January 17, 2020 in Local News, Career Development

EforAll Entrepreneur Spotlight: Faszewski Studios

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Meet EforAll Entrepreneur Alexandra of Faszewski Studios

Meet Alexandra of Faszewski Studios, one of the newest Cape Cod business ventures from the recent EforAll Cape Cod Fall Business Accelerator! Faszewski Studios is a size-inclusive lingerie brand that offers lingerie made from natural fibers in the US. Learn more about one of the Cape's newest small business below!

To kick us off, describe your business and the niche it's filling within the Cape business community.

Faszewski Studios is a size-inclusive lingerie brand that offers comfortable, sexy lingerie made from natural fibers in the US. The fashion industry is one of the most toxic to our planet, so by creating product in smaller batches (which reduces fabric and inventory waste), using natural fabrics, and keeping production in the states, we're tipping the scale back in the right direction, stitch by stitch.

Many Cape business-owners are passionate about keeping their businesses local, despite the challenges of existing within such a seasonal economic environment. What do you find special (or challenging!) about being an entrepreneur on Cape Cod? Why are you choosing to start your business here rather than anywhere else?

I sell online, so am not challenged in the same way as a brick and mortar retailer would be-- that being said, I grew up on the Cape and it's important to me to be involved in events in the Cape community as an emerging business. The Cape is more close-knit than in metro areas, and this is something I had noticed when I was growing up in the little village of Marston Mills.That community, of course, lends itself to entrepreneurship as well. It makes for a great incubator for a young business.

What is the most valuable thing you are taking away from the EforAll Cape Cod Business Accelerator?

The community we've built within our cohort, as well as the extended community from past accelerators!

Why do you think it's important for residents + local community decision-makers to support small businesses and entrepreneurs on Cape?

Supporting small businesses is supporting a family-- large corporations will survive without your dollar, but a small business will struggle. Additionally, it's much more personal to be a patron of a small business. There's a sense of community here that you wouldn't typically get from a larger company.

And lastly, what are you working on now that the CCYP community should be on the lookout for?

We're currently in development on a few new styles of underwear, so with this expansion, there really will be a style for every woman's preference!