February 13, 2019 in Local News, CCYP News

EforAll Entrepreneur Spotlight - Jessica Georges of Green Road Refill

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Meeting EforAll Entrepreneur Jessica Georges of Green Road Refill

Jessica Georges completed her EforAll Cape Cod Business Accelerator this past January and we're incredibly excited to highlight her new business venture, Green Road Refill, an earth conscious store on wheels with the focus on reducing our community's plastic footprint.

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To kick us off, describe your business.

Green Road Refill is an earth conscious store on wheels (Bettie Bus) with the focus on reducing our communities' plastic footprint. We have over 40 plant based soaps, shampoos, lotions and cleaning products all sold by the weighed ounce so you can bring in your own bottle from home, purchase one of our glass or aluminums, or even pick one out of our free bottle basket. Additionally Green Road introduces customers to the latest in green retail like bamboo tooth brushes, shampoo bars, bees wax wraps, stainless steel straws and much more. Our mission is to introduce and educate our community about how taking small steps to live greener life can add up and make a big difference in the health of our planet!

Many entrepreneurs kick start their ideas because they see a void within their community. What need do you feel your business is fulfilling in the Cape community?

I believe Cape Codders are already very earth friendly and want to go even greener. Green Road Refill’s goal is to bring awareness to the harm that plastic waste is having on our oceans and environment and give our customers an outlet to take action in a tangible way. We give our community a unique local shopping experience where they can put their purchasing power toward a great cause all while reducing their own waste, and supporting companies that sustainably and ethically source their materials and ingredients.

What is the most valuable thing you are taking away from the EforAll Business Accelerator?

Wonderful connections with professionals, a load full of new business skills, and, most importantly, more confidence in being a new small business owner!

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At CCYP, one of our strategic priorities is to promote Cape Cod as a vibrant place for young people to live and work, year-round. What would you tell other entrepreneurs thinking about starting their businesses on Cape?

There are so many resources on the Cape for entrepreneurs. Take the plunge and follow your dream - you will be supported here!

And lastly, what are you working on now that the CCYP community should be on the lookout for?

You can find our off season schedule on the "Where's Bettie" page at our website www.greenroadrefill.com. We currently alternate Saturdays between Cape Cod Beer's Winter Market and Orlean's Indoor Farmers Market. Bettie Bus gets back on the road come spring and we're looking forward to a couple of speaking engagements - the first on March 2nd at the Brooks Free Library in Harwich at 2:00 PM and the 2nd on Nantucket on April 6th (location and time TBA). Both will focus on the plastic problem and ways we can all make a difference and Bettie Bus will be open for business after each talk. Before we know it it will be June and we'll be in the full swing of things reaching farmers markets and festivals from Hyannis up to P-Town - follow us on Facebook and Instagram for highlights and updates!