October 18, 2019 in Local News, Local Government and Civic Engagement

Is your town having a Town Meeting this fall? Check out our handy Fall Town Meeting Guide to find out!


It's Special Town Meeting season on Cape Cod! What's that, you say? Well, allow us to explain! In the State of Massachusetts, each town must hold an annual Town Meeting. And there are just a few rules for this...

  • The annual Town Meeting is required to be held in February, March, April, or May, unless the Town's charter specifies otherwise.
  • Any Town Meeting held in addition to this annual Town Meeting is referred to as a "Special Town Meeting."
  • Special Town Meetings may be called at any time, as many times during the year as necessary, to address issues requiring a vote from the town's eligible voters.

Typically, on Cape Cod, Special Town Meetings are held in the fall, though this is not always the case. At CCYP, we like the sound of a fall Town Meeting "season" - it means more opportunity to have your voice heard, and to get involved with issues that directly impact your town, community, and daily life!

So, what are you waiting for? Take a look below to find out if YOUR town is holding a Special Town Meeting this fall, and mark your calendar to attend!

Don't see your town listed? This means you will not have a Special Town Meeting this fall. But fear not! We have lots of resources for you to brush up on your Town Meeting basics in the meantime - scroll down to learn more!


When: October 28th @ 7 PM

Where: Bourne High School Auditorium

Warrant Items: Click here

Further Details: https://www.townofbourne.com/


When: November 18th @ 6 PM

Where: Stony Brook Elementary School

Further Details: https://www.brewster-ma.gov/37...


When: October 29th @ 7 PM

Where: Nathaniel H. Wixon School

Further Details: https://www.town.dennis.ma.us/


When: November 12th @ 7 PM

Where: Lawrence School Auditorium

Warrant Items: Click here

Further Details: http://www.falmouthmass.us


When: October 21st @ 7 PM

Where: Mashpee High School

Warrant Items: Click here

Further Details: https://www.mashpeema.gov/


Provincetown will hold a Special Town Meeting in Early December. Check back here for further updates or visit https://www.provincetown-ma.gov/257/Town-Meetings.


When: October 28th @ 7 PM

Where: Sandwich High School

Warrant Items: Click here

Further Details: https://www.sandwichmass.org/1...


When: October 29th @ 7 PM

Where: Mattacheese Middle School

Warrant Items: Click here

Further Details: http://www.yarmouth.ma.us/

​What's a warrant? Why should I go to Town Meeting? I have so many questions!

CCYP's got your back!

Need a crash course on all things Town Meeting, or just want to learn more about why you should participate? Check out the Secretary of the Commonwealth's comprehensive Guide to Town Meetings, read our quick how-to guide for Civic Engagement, or peruse any of CCYP's Town Meeting-related educational resources listed here!

Understanding Town Meeting Warrant Articles (PDF)

Mock Town Meeting Intro Presentation (PDF) CCYP's Mock Town Meeting session - full video from the 2019 Shape Your Cape Summit