May 05, 2020 in Local News, CCYP News

Help support the Cape's young workforce on #GivingTuesdayNow

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#GivingTuesdayNow for Cape Cod's Young Workforce

There is no question that the current COVID-19 pandemic has significantly impacted communities across the world. On Cape Cod, our young working-age adults and families are facing new and increased pressures to access food, stay housed, care for children and dependents, and sustain their income and jobs. With Cape Cod's climbing median age, higher than average housing costs, and lower than average wages as compared to State numbers, the region's working-age adults and families were already extremely vulnerable and found many challenges to sustaining a life and career here year-round. In the wake of this global health crisis, widespread business and school closures, job loss, and more - the need for support and resources is urgent and ongoing.

CCYP's Giving Circle Fund was established to support the year-round efforts of 501(c)3 nonprofit CCYP, Inc. (Cape Cod Young Professionals) and other area nonprofits working to improve quality of life and economic opportunity for young adults and families on Cape Cod. The Giving Circle supports projects and programs in critical need areas for Cape Cod's working-age adult community, including child care, housing, and career development. From child care scholarships for working families, to first-time homebuyer education, to year-round connection and community-building opportunities, CCYP's Giving Circle Fund works to ensure that young workers and families can thrive on Cape Cod - especially in times of great uncertainty.
The Giving Circle Fund offers a unique collective giving opportunity. Donations of every size are pooled together to amplify positive impact on our community and help more young workers and families to sustain a life here. Each year, grants are given to partner organizations with the direct input of Giving Circle donors, ensuring that the most critical needs of our young working-age adult community are met. Every donation counts - give what you can and know that your donation is not only greatly appreciated but will have a significant IMPACT on the lives of your coworkers, friends, and neighbors right here on Cape Cod.

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Where do Giving Circle funds go?

Since its inception, the Giving Circle Grants Program has awarded over $40,000 in grants to local nonprofits working in key need areas for young adults, such as housing, childcare, and career development opportunities. A total of 45% of Giving Circle Fund dollars are designated to Giving Circle Grants.

In addition, the Giving Circle supports the ongoing, year-round work of 501(c)3 nonprofit Cape Cod Young Professionals (CCYP, Inc.) to connect, engage, and advance Cape Cod's young workforce and leaders. With your support, CCYP is able to stimulate the local economy through programs and events (now virtual!); provide career development and training opportunities; advocate for the unique needs and challenges of working-age adults in our region; spotlight success stories and gain visibility for the Cape's young workers; and serve as a trusted source to connect young people with information, opportunities, and community on Cape Cod. A total of 40% of Giving Circle Fund dollars support year-round programming provided by CCYP. The remaining 10% of Giving Circle dollars are designated to the CCYP Endowment Fund to ensure that CCYP can continue to be a resource for the region's young working-age adults for years to come.


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