February 01, 2019 in CCYP News

Meet Our 2019 Shape Your Cape Summit Keynote Speaker: Roy Heffernan of Life is Good!

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Meet Roy Heffernan of Life is Good!

CCYP is thrilled to present our 2019 Shape Your Cape Summit Keynote Speaker, Roy Heffernan of Life is Good! Formerly Life is Good's Chief Operating Optimist, Roy is scheduled to speak to Summit attendees about the power of optimism and how, throughout his professional journey, he has been able to integrate philanthropy and giving back to the larger community as key pillars at the popular apparel and lifestyle company.

Many may recognize Life is Good's iconic optimistic outlook, specifically their smiling stick figure named Jake featured on many of their products. Beginning in 1989, founders Bert and John Jacobs first began to design and sell their t-shirt designs at colleges and street fairs throughout Boston and the East Coast - and, at first, it didn't go so well. Four years into selling their t-shirts left them with $78 between the two of them and only an intense entrepreneurial spirit that kept them going. Not until the brothers introduced Jake, the beret-wearing stick figure with the phrase 'life is good', did their business finally get off the ground. The initial idea behind their 'life is good' slogan was to inspire consumers to focus on the good, rather than the overwhelming influx of negative news - a message that continues to resonate with customers today.

As their company grew, the founding brothers realized Life is Good could be so much more than t-shirts. Roy, in collaboration with Bert and John, helped found the Life is Good Kids Foundation, a foundation committed to helping children who face traumas of violence, poverty, and illness. Funded through 10% of Life is Good's net profits as well as public donations, the Life is Good Kids Foundations believes every child needs a supportive and skilled support system, particularly when a child's system of care is overwhelmed or nonexistent. Through partnerships with organizations serving the most vulnerable children, the Life is Good Kids Foundation "helps childcare professionals nurture life-changing relations that serve as the source of healing and vehicle of learning for all children". By supporting "playmakers," we can support the healthy development of children who are not given the chance to play, grow, and find joy.

In Roy's speech, "Embracing the Power of Optimism,' Roy will provide insight on the unique, integrated for-profit/philanthropic model he helped implement at Life is Good through the Life is Good Kids Foundation and how optimism can shape the world into a brighter place for all. His speech will leave attendees feeling inspired to embrace optimism and the entrepreneurial spirit in order to cultivate success in work, do good in the community, and effect positive change.

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