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How can mentoring help me?

  • Mentoring facilitates career development and goal-setting through the help of an accomplished professional outside your current place of business.
  • It is useful if you want to advance in your current role, expand your responsibilities, change roles, or grow your business.
  • You gain new perspectives on your career and professional development path.
  • You build your professional community of peers and senior business leaders.
  • Mentees experience higher career satisfaction, career commitment, career mobility, and positive job attitudes (B.R. Ragins, J.L. Cotton, and J.S. Miller, J.S, 2002).
  • Studies have also shown that mentees are more likely to be promoted and receive a pay increase after their mentoring experience, as compared to peers who did not participate in mentoring (Gartner, 2006).
  • Mentors benefit, too! Serving as a mentor has been associated with a number of positive outcomes, including greater perceived career success; improved job performance and satisfaction; and increased commitment to one’s organization (Ghosh, R. & Reio, T.G., 2013).

What is the time commitment required to be a Mentor or Mentee?

  • The commitment is about an hour a week - but, as with anything, the more you put in, the more you get out!
  • We expect Mentor-Mentee pairs to connect in once weekly mentoring sessions (about an hour long each), which can take place either virtually or face-to-face.
  • Mentees will have additional assigned activities, designed to help them to meet their goals and develop professionally.
  • Both Mentor and Mentee participants attend monthly group classroom sessions (2 hours long each) from January to May.

How do you match Mentors and Mentees?

  • Mentors and Mentees are matched into pair groups via a thorough application and screening process, which culminates with a "Matching Session" where Mentees can meet and interview prospective Mentors.
  • Final matching selections are made by the Master Mentor in collaboration with CCYP staff and the individual participants to ensure the best match.

Will I get a new job from participating in the program?

  • Mentor Exchange is about developing your skills and knowledge to advance your career - whether this means bringing more value to your current role, boosting your resume for a promotion, or changing paths to pursue a new industry or different professional challenges. While the program may help you develop skills that will assist you in this process, it is not a job placement service and there should be no expectation that job opportunities will result from your participation.

Questions? Need more information? Contact CCYP staff at info@capecodyoungprofessionals.org.