How can mentoring help me?

  • Mentoring is meant to be an individual opportunity to grow through the help of someone outside your place of business.
  • It is useful if you want to advance in your current role, expand your responsibilities, change roles, or grow your business.
  • You learn new perspectives on your self, your career, on your industry, and on your community.
  • You build your professional community of peers and senior business leaders.
  • Mentors find that they, too, advance their learning and widen their perspective.

What is the time commitment required to be a Mentor or Mentee?

  • The commitment is about an hour a week, but as with anything, the more you put in, the more you get out.
  • We expect the pairs to connect once a week in sessions that can vary in length but generally lasting about an hour, and which can take place both virtually and face-to-face.
  • The Mentee may, in addition, be completing other activities that help them to meet their goals and develop professionally.
  • Group mentoring will be approximately the same overall time commitment, although because of the challenge of scheduling, the groups may decide to meet every other week for approximately two hours.
  • Program participants (the Core Program Participants, or group of all the mentors and mentees for that year) will also be asked to attend a few large group meetings with all the other mentors and mentees to share ideas, and check in on mentoring progress. 

How do you match Mentors and Mentees?

  • Mentees will be required to attend a scheduled interview to be completed by November 17th by Mentor Exchange Matching Mentor, Mary Jaynes.
  • Mentors and Mentees are required to attend the Matching Session for their prospective cohort (Falmouth 11/29, Mid-Cape 11/30). This meeting offers selected Mentee applicants the opportunity to meet potential Mentors face-to-face and find someone they would like to request to work with.
  • The final matching is done by a committee who reads every application and works together using their personal knowledge of the mentors and mentees to make the best matches possible.
  • Please email questions or concerns to Virginia Auciello Sullivan at mentor@capecodyoungprofessionals.org!

Who arranges the schedule of meetings?

Mentors and mentees will arrange their own schedules and locations of meetings.

Can I be both a mentor and a mentee?

In order to create the best experience for everyone, we ask that you choose to be either a mentor or a mentee, depending on which experience you think will be more valuable. If in doubt, become a mentee first, as we anticipate that our mentees will one day become mentors.

Will I get a new job from participating in the program?

  • The Mentor Exchange is about developing your skills and knowledge so that you can advance your career, whether to bring more value to your current role, or to obtain a promotion, or to try a new industry, or to create or grow a business. While it may make you a more qualified candidate for whatever you choose to do, it is not a job placement service and there should be no expectation that a job will result.

What training or support will be available?

  • In order to maximize the results of mentoring, mentees need to attend the Mentee Meeting (Falmouth 11/15, Mid-Cape 11/16) and mentors need to attend the Mentor Training (Falmouth 12/18, Mid-Cape 12/20).
  • There will also be a few facilitated Core Program Participant meetings throughout the year, which will include opportunities for the mentors to gather with one another to ask questions, and receive help, should they so choose.
  • Throughout the program, each mentor will also be assigned a sponsor from the CCYP Career Connect committee who’ll check in to see how things are going.
  • Master Matcher, and CCYP Leadership will be available as additional resources should problems or questions arise. Please email questions or concerns to mentor@capecodyoungprofessionals.org!

Do I have to be a CCYP member?

Yes, you will be required to be a CCYP Member. Click here to apply today!

What is the age range of the mentees?

While mentoring is valuable at any time in someone’s career, for the purposes of this program we are focused on the designated age range of 25-44 – those who have some experience being out in the world and are not yet too senior in their careers.

Will the mentees get to meet with each other?

Core Program Participant meetings provide a great opportunity to meet and learn from the other mentees in the cohort. Additionally, there will be two large meetings/events that combine the Falmouth and Mid-Cape cohorts!

What should we talk about or do in the mentoring meetings?

  • Topics of discussion are  up to the mentors and mentees based on the goals you set together.
  • Examples include how to be a better speaker, assessing strengths and weaknesses, understanding your customers, creating a business plan, basic business skills, work-life balance, managing conflict, and interviewing. The choice is wide open.
  • You can meet for lunch, attend a networking event, or a Chamber meeting together, or any other activity that you believe will help achieve the mentoring goals.