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Mentor Information

Interested in becoming a mentor? Awesome! Below are a few thoughts about what you can expect to give and receive in the process.

Mentor Expectations

  • Set goals and take initiative for reaching them 
  • Be prepared
  • Actively listen and ask questions
  • Set up appointments and be punctual
  • Be respectful and appreciative
  • Maintain confidentiality
  • Commit to the entire program
  • Take responsibility for building the relationship

Mentor Benefits

  • Support, advice and constructive feedback on your strengths and potential
  • Accelerated skill development
  • Smoother transition into the work of your choice
  • Improved self-awareness
  • Sounding board for confidential issues
  • Defined career/business development path
  • Woder perspective of business on Cape Cod
  • Enhanced understanding of importance in seeking mentors throughout career
  • Expanded network of peers and mentors
"It’s a wonderful way to get plugged into the community, to ‘give back’, and understand first hand some of the unique challenges that face young professionals on Cape.’”

Laurie Fitzpatrick, Master Mentor (2015-2017)