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Shape Your Cape Summit

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Thank You for Joining Us at the 4th Annual Shape Your Cape Summit!

More than 200 attendees joined us at the 4th Annual Shape Your Cape Summit on April 4, 2019 the Sea Crest Beach Hotel in North Falmouth, generously presented by Cape Cod Five.

We were inspired by the conversation, the ideas, and the passion of everyone in attendance - panelists, attendees, sponsors, and volunteers - all aimed at helping shape professional and personal opportunities for the Cape's young workforce.

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About the Shape Your Cape Summit

The Shape Your Cape Summit is a one-day conference hosted by Cape Cod Young Professionals (CCYP). The Summit features interactive workshops and panel discussions aiming to provide attendees with actionable knowledge and skills that can be applied within their workplace or personal lives. Topics range from career development to civic engagement to work/life balance. The event is designed to facilitate community conversation around a variety of issues that impact quality of life and career opportunity for young people living and working on Cape Cod.

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Meet Our 2019 Keynote Speaker: Roy Heffernan of Life is Good!

Roy Heffernan is an owner and the former Chief Operating ‘Optimist’ (COO) for Life is Good, an apparel and accessories retailer and lifestyle brand. The mission of Life is Good is to spread the power of optimism. The founding brothers Bert and John Jacobs learned that their company was much more than t-shirts. They, together with Roy, helped found The Life is Good Kids Foundation, which is committed to helping children who face challenges, including the traumas of violence, poverty, and illness. The foundation is funded through 10% of the company’s net profits as well as with public donations. Roy, in his speech Embracing the Power of Optimism, will discuss the importance of this integrated model of a successful for-profit company with a philanthropy that the entire company supports.

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Meet Our 2019 Lunch Plenary Speaker: Heidi Sosik of Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution!

Heidi Sosik is a Senior Scientist at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI), where she has been on the faculty and staff since 1994, and currently holds the Stanley W. Watson Chair for Excellence in Oceanography. A biological oceanographer and inventor, Heidi and her co-workers have developed automated underwater analyzers that enhance our ability to study the microscopic organisms that fuel ocean food chains, interact with the Earth’s climate, and sometimes produce harmful algal blooms that threaten the ecosystem and human health.

As the featured Lunch Plenary Speaker for this year’s Shape Your Cape Summit, Heidi will share how technologies like lasers, robots, and artificial intelligence are teaching us new things about the tiny organisms that make up our world – and having big impacts on our local economies, global climate, and everyday lives.

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2019 Summit Steering Committee

Craig Orsi - Chair

Sara Kohls - Chair Ex Officio

Ashley Cormier - Vice Chair

Jamie Brids - Vice Chair

Amy Fleck

Jillian Russo

Manny Marrero

Jacob Stapledon

Matt Bolinder

Dale Shadbegian

Angela Hemmila

Matthew Jensen