2018 Community Needs Survey

In 2018, CCYP conducted a community-wide survey to better understand how needs among Cape Cod's 45-and-under population may have changed since the completion of the organization's "Shape the Cape Report" in 2014. During the month of January 2018, a total of 400 respondents completed the online needs survey. Approximately 43% of these shared some affiliation with CCYP and 48% did not have any affiliation with the organization.

From the survey responses, CCYP was able to derive a list of the "top most critical needs" for young people to live and work successfully on Cape Cod (chart below).

The Executive Summary of the survey results can be downloaded as a PDF here.

Additionally, CCYP has produced a brief slide deck detailing the top needs and opportunities identified through the survey.

2018 Community Survey Top Needs To Live Work Successfully On Cape Cod Page 08