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Falmouth Resident Benefits

About CCYP in Falmouth

CCYP is a proud recipient of grant funding through the Town of Falmouth's Human Services Fund. The "CCYP in Falmouth" project seeks to stem the out-migration of young workers from Falmouth by providing increased opportunities for connection, community engagement, and career advancement. Through this partnership, CCYP is working with the Town of Falmouth to build awareness and visibility of CCYP in the Falmouth community and foster partnerships to do what CCYP does best: connect, engage, and advance Cape Cod's young professionals.

By growing its presence in Falmouth, CCYP hopes to provide opportunities for the area’s young workforce to become more invested in the future of their community and see potential for personal and professional growth – making them less likely to leave Cape Cod.

Falmouth Residents: Take Our Survey!

As part of the CCYP in Falmouth project, we are asking residents of the Town of Falmouth to take this short survey to indicate their level of awareness and familiarity with CCYP, as well as their current needs related to personal and professional development on Cape Cod. Please feel free to share the survey with others and thank you in advance for taking the time to respond!

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