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Are you taking full advantage of your CCYP Membership?

CCYP memberships are designed for one thing: to help you or business connect with others in the community. But we often get the question of how to best leverage membership benefits to meet new people, find your next star employee, or generate new business opportunities. Take a look below to learn more about how to maximize your annual membership and make CCYP work for you!

Attend Connect Events

For all membership levels, our monthly Connect Events are free-of-charge, ensuring you have ample opportunities to grow your network, find your tribe, and connect with other young professionals from across the Cape. We offer four distinct Connect Events: Coffee, After Hours, and Friends + Family Connect. We find that the more members attend events regularly, the more members feel like their membership is worthwhile. Check our Events Calendar to stay up-to-date on upcoming events!

Post a Job Opportunity

One of our most used membership benefits for Sole Proprietors and up is the ability to post a job or intern opportunity on our Job + Intern Board. Our Job + Intern Board features dozens of job opportunities each month and has become a powerful tool for young professionals looking for their next career move right here on Cape Cod. In fact, our Job + Intern Board received 15,594 views in 2018 alone. While other job posting websites can feel too broad, our Job + Intern Board is catered to Cape-based businesses who are fully invested in building their employee base with local (and potential!) Cape Codders.

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Post an Upcoming Event

If you have an upcoming event, be sure to have 'add to CCYP Events Calendar' on your outreach to-do list! Our Events Calendar has become a go-to place for local young professionals to learn about upcoming community events - from networking events to concerts to family-friendly programs. CCYP even helps amplify these post through our monthly Events Newsletter, spotlighting a handful of events directly from our community calendar in an effort to spread the word.

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Offer a Member Perk

Our most underrated membership benefit is the ability to offer our membership base a Member Perk! Member Perks are discounts or benefits offered directly to the CCYP membership base, driving traffic directly to your business or organizations. Perks range from discounts at local co-working spaces to employee referral programs at larger organizations on Cape Cod. Offering a perk is an effective way to build a base of loyal customers and your reputation in the community - and it couldn't be more easy!

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Build Your Directory Page

Our Membership Directory receives thousands of views per year, resulting in website clicks, map clicks, and more for businesses who hold an annual CCYP membership. In fact, someone searching for a certain type of business or service on Cape may even be directed to our Membership Directory by search engines!

We highly recommend members who hold a Membership Directory page to take the time to build out your page - including website links, contact information, hours of operations, and even your business's history and story. By adding the necessary information as well as your business's personality to our Membership Directory, your directory page can be used as a valuable resource to Cape Codders looking for a particular service, restaurant, store, and more. The more your business's name appears online, the more likely new customers will be able to find you!

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