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Our History

CCYP was founded in 2005 by a group of young workers and leaders seeking to create a supportive community for young people living and working on Cape Cod. The founders of CCYP were passionate about the need to provide career development, connection, and civic engagement opportunities opportunities for Cape Cod's 45-and-under population. The organization's first networking event attracted about 20 people - and CCYP was off and running!

In 2006, CCYP became a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization and established its first Board of Directors. Roughly 13 years later, CCYP has 2 full time staff members, a 13-member Board of Directors, 6 volunteer committees (with 5-10 volunteer members each), a membership of more than 1,000, and an annual budget of $260,000. CCYP works to foster a thriving community of young workers through highly attended monthly and annual networking events, innovative career development opportunities, and advocacy for policies and resources that positively affect quality of life for young people living and working on Cape Cod.

We're working every day to connect, engage, and advance Cape Cod's young workforce and future leaders. Learn more and join us! Check out our 2018-2020 strategic priorities, learn how you can get involved, and support our vision of a more vibrant future for Cape Cod!