Civic Engagement

It's Your Turn...
Have your voice heard and start shaping the future of Cape Cod!

Getting engaged in local government, volunteerism, and community decision-making benefits both you AND the Cape. Get invested, get involved, and make your home what you want it to be! There are so many ways to become more engaged in your community. Here are five small ways you can have a BIG impact in your community:

1. Join a CCYP Committee. From our civics-minded Public Policy Committee to events-based steering committees for the Shape Your Cape Summit and Back to Business Bash, there's something for every interest and experience level. Committee volunteers help accomplish the work of CCYP and gain valuable leadership experience in the process. Check out our Committee Info Page and fill out the application form to get started!

2. Vote. Voting is the single most important way to have your voice heard and be part of the process at the local, state, and federal levels. Not sure where to start? Check out our Voter Guide for the 2018 General Election for voter resources and information.

3. Go to Town Meeting. Learn how local decisions are made by attending a fall or spring Town Meeting in your town of residence. More information on Town Meeting dates and processes can be found on the website for your town. Not sure where to look? Need child care or time off work to attend? We want to hear from you - tell us what resources you might need to attend and participate in your Town Meeting.

4. Join a Board, Committee, or Commission in Your Town. Every town on Cape Cod has vacancies on their public boards and committees. Contact your town to learn more!

5. #EngageCapeCod. Getting engaged in your community can be as simple as volunteering at a local nonprofit or as big as running for public office. Tell us how YOU get engaged and join the conversation with other young professionals like you by using the hashtag #EngageCapeCod!