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Giving Circle

Join the CCYP Giving Circle and help shape a vibrant Cape Cod! Giving Circle members are visionaries; they know that investing in CCYP means they are investing in their community's future. Giving Circle members make monthly donation of $10, $20, or $50, and then decide as a group how best to apply these funds for positive community change.

When you give through CCYP's Giving Circle, your charitable impact is AMPLIFIED. Join a group of philanthropically-minded individuals, and combine your resources to make a big difference right here on the Cape!

CCYP Giving Circle members choose from 3 giving levels:

  • $10/mo = $120/year
  • $20/mo = $240/year
  • $50/mo = $600/year

Donations are automatically deducted and applied to a fund managed through the Cape Cod Foundation, making CCYP's Giving Circle one of the easiest, most secure ways you can give. 

Donations to the CCYP Giving Circle are split as follows:

  • 45% - Giving Circle Fund - used to distribute grants for community projects and programs that align with CCYP’s mission
  • 40% - CCYP programs and initiatives
  • 15% - CCYP Endowment Fund - ensures the organization can continue to Shape the Cape for years to come

Here are a few things that you can expect from your Giving Circle Membership:

  • Impact: pool your dollars with others to give more than many people could do alone. Giving Circle grants promote meaningful programs and projects in our community.
  • Information: learn about community issues and the various groups on the Cape working to address them.
  • Flexibility: Giving Circle members can be as active as they'd like to be. Some members just contribute financially. Others join the grant review team. Choose the level of involvement that's right for you!
  • Education: Learn about grant-making and philanthropy, including how to look critically at potential grantees and make funding decisions for maximum impact.