Giving Circle

Do you want to start giving to causes you care about, or increase your philanthropic giving?

Join the CCYP Giving Circle and help shape a vibrant, healthy Cape Cod! Giving Circle members are visionaries; they know that investing in CCYP means they are investing in their future. Giving Circle members agree to making a monthly donation of $10, $20, or $50, then decide together how best to use the funds for positive community change.

CCYP Giving Circle members have 3 giving levels to choose from:

  • $10/mo = $120/year
  • $20/mo = $240/year
  • $50/mo = $600/year

Members have the option of attending civic learning sessions to review proposed projects and discuss community needs, then together decide how to direct a portion of the funds raised each year to causes they care about!

Donations to the CCYP Giving Circle will be split among three funds that are being established in partnership with the Cape Cod Foundation:

  • 45% will go to the Giving Circle Fund for Giving Circle members to collectively award grants and investments to community initiatives that align with CCYP’s mission.
  • 40% will go to support CCYP programs and initiatives
  • 15% will go to a CCYP Endowment Fund to ensure the organization can continue to Shape the Cape for years to come
“People that become part of CCYP’s Giving Circle learn about many other nonprofits and their programs that may not have heard about these through each organization’s annual fundraising process."

Matt Cronin, CCYP Board President

Here are a few things that you can expect from your Giving Circle Membership:

  • Impact: you will be able to pool your dollars with others to give more to nonprofits than many people could do alone. These grants allow the nonprofits to execute meaningful programs and projects in our community.
  • Information: you will learn about community issues and the nonprofits on Cape Cod working to address them.
  • Flexibility: Giving Circle members can be as active as they'd like to be. Some members just contribute financially. Others join the grant review team. We know you are busy, and we respect your time.
  • Education: Through a grant review team, you will learn more about grantmaking and philanthropy – how to look critically at potential grantees and make funding decisions designed for maximum impact.
  • Communications: You will receive monthly eNews with information and invitations to special events.