July 20, 2020 in Blog Posts, Career Development

Laser-Focused Coaching: Meet the Coach! (Part 5)

Trish D
Trish Doon

Meet Trish Doon! Trish is one of the many trained coaches lending her expertise and coaching skills to CCYP's new Laser-Focused Coaching Program. Trish excels at listening for meaning and asking questions to motivate insight in the individuals she coaches. Trish's experience as an executive, a parent, & community member provides a foundation for a safe & supportive coaching environment.

Trish has worked in leadership roles for over twenty years within organizations large and small. She completed training through the Gestalt International Study Center in Wellfleet, MA, and has an MBA from Clark University.

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If you need someone to help you begin working through a problem or issue but are worried about the time commitment, Laser-Focused Coaching may be perfect for you! Coaching sessions are just 30 minutes each, and focus on a specific topic. CCYP members get up to three sessions for free, all of which can be scheduled at your convenience.

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