April 09, 2020 in Local News

Weekly Dose of Community with Cape Cod Commercial Fishermen's Alliance

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Welcome to your Weekly Dose of Community!

We're back with your Weekly Dose of Community! Across the Cape, our friends and neighbors are working to provide resources, support, and positivity to our community in a time when we need it most. From individuals to organizations to small local businesses, Cape Codders have been creative and adaptable in their response to the COVID-19 pandemic, reaching out to their neighbors in entirely new ways to lend a hand.

As we continue to stay inside in a global act of solidarity, we are inspired by our community's demonstrations of togetherness and optimism, even when we are far apart.

This week, we're spotlighting the team at the Cape Cod Commercial Fishermen's Allianceand their "Stories from the Sea" series. Read below!

Can you share a basic overview of the program or support you’ve set up in the wake of the COVID-19 public health crisis?

Our organization is largely built on the pillars of education, advocacy and community outreach, so this seemed like the perfect time to launch a daily social media campaign, “Stories from the Sea”. Our goal is to share pieces from the archives that aim to educate the community so they have a better understanding of the working waterfronts of Cape Cod as well as the chance to hear perspectives from commercial fishermen about their lives on the ocean. These videos, podcasts, photos and stories offer a unique firsthand look into the daily life of these hard working fishermen who harvest the seafood that ends up on your plate. Together, these individual pieces tell a larger story of a long-standing tradition of fishing here on Cape Cod that is still a big part of the peninsula’s economy.

What was your goal when initiating this program?

We hope these slices of life will help everyone at home pass the time and serve as reminders that our local fishing fleet has survived many crises over the generations, and has the fortitude to survive this one, bringing home their catch as we pursue our mission to provide healthy oceans and strong fisheries for the next generation.

What sort of response are you seeing? How has the community responded?

The response has been positive in every respect – with additional followers, increased engagement and traffic to our website, enthusiastic feedback from donors and sponsors, and more. It has also allowed people to connect while they comment and share their own stories that relate to each post. It has offered those we partner with through sponsorships or collaborations to share the content as well.

One of our sponsors Marder Seafood recently re-posted a video and had this to say, “We are incredibly grateful to work with hard working fishermen like Nick Muto and Greg Connors. These fishermen are not only battling an incredibly difficult market due to COVID-19 but also battling tough weather conditions. They, as are we, are committed to getting local and sustainable fish to our community. So please, do all you can to order from small local business (restaurants, fish markets, seafood counters) …”

“Stories from the Sea” was another way to remind the community that we are all still hard at work carrying out our mission as an organization, and supporting the fishing industry each and every day.

It has also allowed people to connect while they comment and share their own stories that relate to each post.

To follow the "Stories from the Sea" campaign, visit Cape Cod Commercial Fishermen's Alliance's Facebook page.